Week 1 in the box

Posted: August 26, 2012 in firstweek, Uncategorized

Week1 went by fast. Moodle map and my summary report submitted yesterday. I was a bit doubtful of zipping my files. I hope i did it the right way.

Anyway, i think it is fun to share what was on my mind during the making of moodle map. Moodle, as i found out is a free resource learning platform. As a part of my online multimedia course, i was asked to map it to somehow be familiar with it before the real lessons begin. Smart and fun way of learning it. So, ideas flood in my mind but it was not easy to put it in paper. I first thought of mimicking a family tree, then  of rocks rolling downhill (my sketch was pathetic 🙂 ), there was this idea of letting balloons fly high (had a hard time executing) and there was also the bookshelf (which i thought was too simple and common). In short, i abandoned all those ideas. I finally settled with the heart concept and with the help of online resources, i learned about mind mapping. I think i executed it fine…so i am satisfied with the result.

Behind the scene – the making of moodle map



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