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I’ve been reading about the SCAMPER method which is one part of our assignment this week. I realized that somehow we apply this method in our everyday lives without even knowing it. Anyway, SCAMPER stands for:

S – substitute; C – combine; A – alter/adapt; M – modify (mega/mini); P – put to other use; E – eliminate; R – reverse

This is a method developed by Bob Eberle based on Alex Osborn, sets of questions for brainstorming. Scamper is being used by many as a tool to help generate ideas for new products and services by encouraging people to think about how one could improve existing ones.

Let us see if I can use it to transform a teaspoon into something else.

Substitute: Can I use the teaspoon as a substitute for something? I held it up and saw myself…can i put it in my wallet and use it as a mirror? why not? But what i would like to do is to substitute the metal handle into a malleable metal with rubber coating.

Combine: How do we do this then? I combined it with a magnet and voila! It became a note holder!!

Adapt/Alter: What to alter? I would like to somehow alter or adapt to a situation. I am sitting in a coffee shop answering a crossword puzzle, made a mistake and would like to change my answer…my teaspoon with its rubber end can be used as an eraser. (I think I can get away with this idea!)

Modify: So I am bored of my old teaspoon; how it behaves, just lying on the side of my saucer…so my new teaspoon with malleable and rubber handle can… refer to the figure below. (forgive my sketches)

Put to another use: My new teaspoon can also be used as a ponytail   Remember those rubber rods? 🙂 Just imagine it with the scoop/bowl part of the teaspoon at one end…that’s my teaspoon around your hair.

Eliminate:  old teaspoon = hard, metal : new teaspoon = rubbery, soft. So we eliminated the cold and hard part of the traditional teaspoon. While we are at it, let’s remove the bulkiness of the rubber and flatten it.

Reverse: Let’s forget that it is a teaspoon altogether and just use it as a napkin holder that is very much appropriate to use on top of a table.

That was it!! I hope I got away with it!!! I must admit that it’s an interesting concept! I hope you learned something ‘coz i did!!


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