SCAMPER in my life

Posted: August 30, 2012 in Uncategorized, week2

Recently, i made a decision, a big one – I enrolled myself to a fulltime online study course. I am working fulltime and this is my second week of the course. So far, i am managing but i am feeling the pressure of not having enough time to read (work and study related readings), not enough time with the people in my life. As part of my assignment, i am to choose a personal problem and use the SCAMPER method to somehow find a solution. I chose time management as it is the most pressing of all as of now.

HOw can i manage my time working and studying full time and continue living?

Substitute:  Reading related topics to work and study from Watching TV.

Combine: Studying and Recreation (audiobooks while biking or sitting under the sun;  Time with significant others and studying/work (discuss lectures and work related topics )

 Alter/adapt: Alter behavior towards time. ‘I have plenty of time rather than i lack time.’  

Modify:  Modify how i work, learn to delegate things and plan ahead. 

Put to another use:  Use  time to sleep and rest not only work and study. I work more effectively well-rested

Eliminate: Time wasters like unnecessary tasks, watching tv, long discussions.

Reverse/Rearrange:  Don’t hurry. Take my time doing things. Things done hurriedly and half-heartedly lack quality and have to be redone, most of the time.

I know things are easier said than done but taking time to sit down and think things thru always give good result.

  1. ikegbus says:

    That was a bold move to work full time and take a full time course at the same time.
    I dont work full time and I sometimes feel the pressure.
    Good luck in your tasks.

    • megame73 says:

      Thanks! The things is, as of now i cannot afford to have several ideas which entails several sketches. I cannot afford to read in advance or even further my readings but let’s see.

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