Rice packaging

Posted: August 31, 2012 in Uncategorized, week2
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I didn’t know that there are several forms of rice packaging until i browsed the web for an assignment. I was amazed by the assortment i found and made it even harder for me to think of a new form of packaging.

The class was asked to create or re-create rice packaging and learning the SCAMPER method, i tried to come up of something that is traditional, modern and functional not to mention recyclable.

Taking on the challenge:

Substitute: My research revealed that most packaging comes in the form of cartons, sacks and plastic. I thought of glass as it is recyclable but i don’t want to add the weight of the glass to the already heavy 1kg-5kg-50kg rice. So let’s substitute those material to plastic weave with sack cloth  lining. Let us substitute the modern form of rice packaging from the traditional sack packaging. Also the rules of disposing is substituted from throwing it to the garbage to re-using it or getting a discount for the next buy.

Combine: Combination of traditional design and practicality. The packaging makes it easier to store and dispense your rice.

Adapt: As many of us now use different diet methods and reduce rice consumption, the packing comes in 3 different forms and sizes. The packaging also promote the now and ever needed recycling method. Since it’s plastic weave, the packaging is just like your ordinary plastic/glass bottle wherein you can go back to the store where you bought it and get a discount when you buy your next rice.

Modify: Modification of the lock system enable it to be used for other purposes. The shape, materials and the method of disposing of the packaging are modified.

Put to other use: These packaging can be used as your pencil case or even store your cookie in it.  (for the 1kg package); Make the 5kg packaging your grocery bag and for the 50kg packaging,  use it for beddings and soft furnishing storage.

Eliminate: This will help us eliminate garbage and also the hardship of carrying you rice.

Reverse: Reversal…these packaging can be used as stand alone packs for other purposes.

The 1-kg pack is very handy, stylish and spill-free even if you accidentally dropped it or turned it up-side-down.

The 5-kg pack is also lined with sack cloth and if you remember the traditional sack wherein you’ll remove the thread that seals it? Same system here but easier 🙂 After removing the thread, the pack is equipped with zipper that will be used to seal in the rice. Spill-free once again.

The 50-kg pack works just like the tumbler but with wheels! Very back friendly!!!

The packaging will make you spend more on your rice than usual, initially but long term use….this will prove beneficial.  I wish i have more time to sketch and develop my idea….


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