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I am not a big fan of McDonald’s but I do admire their creativity. When i was working in a fastfood chain I did envy McDonald’s uniform and how their employee can eat McDonald products for their lunch breaks. A lot of times I chose to eat in their restaurants mainly because of the seats and that i can stay long enough even though I only bought an order of french fries. In short, it wasn’t just the product itself but the whole managing system, from advertisement, packaging, variety of menu to service that makes McDonald’s success and how they adapt to what the people need and want. I wanted to take a closer look how they manage to stay on top over the years, as part of my homework this week.

Who would have thought that McDonald’s was actually a Bar-B-Que restaurant? That was in 1940. Image

What have they done? In 1948 they modified, eliminated and re-arrange their menu from a large variety to nine items, reduce the service to self-service drive-in restaurant. Image

And in 1949, they substituted potato chips to french fries and also introduced milkshake.

In 1955, the McDonald brothers combined forces with Ray Kroc and opened the first McDonald franchise, altered it’s restaurant’s appearance giving birth to the color of McDonald’s shops and logosImage

In 1962, rearranging and reversing their former form of dining, opened their first inside seating restaurant in Denver Colorado.

Adapting to media changes, popularity of the television, McDonald’s made their first national TV commercial!

Catching up with the demand, McDonald’s opened its first international branch in Canada Puerto Rico, 1967.

1968, putting McDonald’s to other use, they …In 1968 they made  a major modification of their logo, eliminated the old restaurant model.They magnified McDonald’s by the addition of some characters like hamburglar, mayor McCheese, captain Crook and the Big Mac joining Ronald McDonald in 1971.  To maximize and earn more, they began to serve coffee and donuts in 1970 which eventually grew to a decent breakfast meal with the addition of egg mcmuffin in 1976.

Adapting to its environment in Fort Huachuca in Arizona where the soldiers weren’t allowed to get out of the car in fatigue uniform, McDonald’s started the drive-thru service. Once again solving the problem and changing/altering the rules of dining.

1979 was the birth of happy meal and its existence now had been modified over and over to suit the buyer’s need. Toys were incorporated and promoting some movies weren’t a bad combination for  profit.

Nowadays where people starting to be weight conscious which can be perceived as a problem for the McDonald’s products and potential loss of consumer, they added salad reversing the rule of fastfood.

We can go on reviewing what they did and how but the only constant thing they did is solve the problem…

“Twoall-beefpattieswithspecialsaucelettucecheesepicklesonionsonasesameseedbun….” Haha! I loved this jingle!!!

Source: http://www.aboutmcdonalds.com/mcd/our_company.html and google.com


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