Painting with light

Posted: September 9, 2012 in firstweek, photography, week3
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Hmmm….I couldn’t concentrate on my logo making so i decided to do something else. Grabbed my camera, set it on a tripod and put together some materials i could put my hands on in the room. I chose a subject, light source and experiment with it. I played around with the shutter speed (i very seldom use program settings) and got some fun shots.

nothing interesting

Got some reflected lights, no idea how

Put down the blinds and spinned the chair

The shot was made using a 60mm macro lens at 6sec. f/13, self-timer; ISO100

Same setting; WB set to incandescent

same setting

As i was trying to put more light with my cellphone’s flashlight, the LED dropped.

an old film camera i bought cheaply at

i used my cellphone’s flashlight and drew the frame

For my portfolio due week12, if you’re following my blog, it is not allowed to use photoshop manipulation, just cropping. So i have a lot of practicing to do!!! aaahh…and i get to play again πŸ™‚

  1. Helle says:

    Oh my! I love ur picture of the camera! Did u use photoshop on that one? But I did really love it! And its amazing how u can just play around with things like a mobilephone and other stuff! Myself I bought some Rave sticks, hehe, so fun to play like this!

  2. megame73 says:

    Hi Helle! Thanks! No photoshop, nope….posted it direct from its folder. I get what you meant…it hurts not to touch them with photoshop. Hehehe!I think , i’ll drop by Nille πŸ™‚ one day to buy some lights.

  3. ikegbus says:

    Interesting, simple, yet creative. I’ve got a swivel chair, the same LED stick and a camera yet the idea never came. I love the effects.

  4. Eiris says:

    wooow!! Amazing!! How did you do this??

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