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…..After receiving this week’s assignments, I was:

a. excited

b. overwhelmed

c. afraid

d. all of the above

Well, it’s D of course. I have been trying to concentrate for the past 3days but couldn’t. The logo and photography projects, the readings and resources I should be reading and this week’s activities filled my head and constantly grew inside of it that I thought it would blow up my brains! I was seeing letters in my sleep!!!!  So instead of forcing myself, I took a break and concentrated on my job (real life job.)  Detached a bit from the forum and this afternoon after work, I decided it’s time. (really?)

So I chose two words from the list of words and they were (drum roll) COMPRESSION and MIGRATION

And my invented word would be OMI  = (noun) (read as spelled) a person without idea.

The word came to me when I was forcing myself to read related topics and couldn’t concentrate…so I said OH ME! Of the 3 words, I think I spent more time creating its composition than the other two. 🙂

My first word is compression and I decided to interpret it with its own words and combined it with visual representation of the word. The word PRESS pressing itself creating a compression of press’. Got it? 🙂

Migration was my first choice(of word) instantaneously I thought of national geographic as my inspiration. I love their series of animal migration  particularly the monarch butterflies and dolphin migration. In my head, I would like to arrange the words in figures of butterflies/dolphins and show some movement by size and number of frequency. I tried but it will take so much of my time but I do put my ideas on paper. I couldn’t execute it in Illustrator too. I tried using spiral path, simple paths and finally I settled with making symbol and brushing the word across the A4 area.

With all 3 words, I used simple typography and those of san serif since i would rather direct the reader to the entirety of the composition rather than the words design.


Since i made a mistake of distorting the font, pulled out my post yesterday and edited it. Somehow i have to move on to the other assignments…

  1. Helle says:

    Lots of nice pictures! Did really like ur Migration picture.
    I wonder why when I click at your blog, that SCAMPER comes first up? its from 28. august! 😀 I just had to mention it. But great work!

  2. megame73 says:

    Thanks Helle! I think i got my scamper on ‘sticky’

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