Type’s Anatomy

Posted: September 15, 2012 in Uncategorized, week4
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AFter days of not feeling good, finally got to finish this assignment….

It’s quite informative and i got to know the structure of a type.

I enumerated some basic parts and tried to describe it:

1. x-height:  is the vertical space occupied by the stroke of letters in lowercase which is the height of an x hence x-height.  Starts from the baseline

2. counter:  The empty space inside the body stroke enclosed by a bowl; o, B, d, a  are letter which have counters

3. baseline: is self-explanatory

4. ascender: The stroke that exceeds the xheight is called the ascender. Letters d, Y, T, b all cross the x-height

5. ascender line: line where the ascender stroke ends.

6. serif: tapered corners on the end of main strokes. The absence of a serif is called sans serif

7. bowl : enclosure of a counter

8. descender line : where the descender stroke ends.

9. descender : The stroke that crosses the baseline downwards/below the baseline; g, j, y

10. spine : it is the central stroke of an S


I was attempting the blueprint effect.

CReated a 210mm x 210mm artboard, white background, filled with radial gradient (fading sky)


Mirrored my PC to my tablet using air display and wrote the numbers


  1. ikegbus says:

    Cool! Did you use a cable to perform the mirror process and can you use the illustrator tools on your tablet just like you can on the pc?

  2. megame73 says:

    Thanks Ike! No cable. I downloaded air display app in my pc. It has mirror and extension capability. Just like using an extension monitor. In mirror mode, yes, you can use illustrator same way you use it on your pc but touch capable. I don’t know if it is better than dedicated drawing tablet but i never used one. How’s the cd cover going?

  3. Kristine says:

    heihei, syns dette ser veldig bra ut, og oversiklig:) det eneste er at teksten på “bildene” kunne gjerne vært litt større, men du har jo forklaringene over så det gjør jo ikke så mye;-)

  4. megame73 says:

    Enig med deg. Jeg har observert det også da jeg så på ‘preview’ av bloggen. Espesielt den 1. bilde. Så har redigert alle 3. Takk for det 🙂

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