The Typos CD cover release

Posted: September 15, 2012 in Uncategorized, week4
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CD cover front and back. Had to move the band’s name since it’s not legible enough

The lyrics were just words i put together to demonstrate a song structure to see if ebrima typeface is good enough to be used for small fonts.
I maintained the OCR a std for the titles and the band’s name. Opacity was reduced for the band’s name to give way for the lyrics which is written in black font

My cd cover title ideas

sketch of my chosen theme


more sketches


I like this too. I thought of popping out my keyboard keys and take shots of it but i was running out of time 😦


more sketches

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  1. lenestavaa says:

    Hei! Dette synes jeg var veldig kult! Har du laget alt i illustrator?

  2. megame73 says:

    Takk, Lene! Nei, bildet framme var redigert med bruk av CS photoshop.

  3. ikegbus says:

    you are getting good at this. Keep it up.

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