Week 6 – Photo analysis

Posted: September 25, 2012 in photography, Uncategorized, week6
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This week’s activities include photo analysis. We were given several photos to analyze and I chose this one. The photo below shows lines drawn by me in different colors to better explain my analysis. The black lines and the green dots represent the rule of third. The rule of third is a photography rule which is rule but not a law! Break them if you must they say 🙂

Rule of third is when you divide the whole image into 3 vertically and 3 horizontally making 9 squares or rectangles with 4 crossing points which in the rule of third means your focal points. Placing the subject in one of those points will be considered a good composition. The boy, which is the subject was placed in one of those points. The blue lines were drawn to emphasize the pattern of lines that for me helped the composition in a way that they are diagonal and non-static. The red circles showed the stone and the shoeless feet that may indicate that the subject was a victim of bullies. The paper on the ground, the lunch pack clearly suggest that the boy is a student. The yellow lines were intended to compare the size of the boy and the building and the perspective of the one taking the shot. It suggests that the photo was taken shooting upward making the building much bigger than the boy. The contrast of size helped to convey the message of helplessness of the subject. In my opinion, the photo was well-composed, the components clearly relay the message as intended. The cloud also helped in conveying the mood of the image.


The third photo was a cropped version of it which i thought would help in analyzing the composition. As we can see, the impact is not the same. The overwhelming factor was reduced!

And that’s how I interpret this image 🙂

The second part of the activity of photo analysis is choosing a topic and finding an image of it on the internet.

Choose one of the following themes:

  • Mass destruction
  • Power
  • Christmas
  • New life
  • Love

I chose love of course!

Don’t you just love the image? 🙂 Aside from the cute appearances of those two, looking at them will somehow evoke the feeling of love. As we all know, they are ‘cats and dogs’ in singular form. Apparently, they shouldn’t be so agreeable with one another but the image shows the opposite. This image of an old dog and a pussycat if this is not digitally manipulated suggests that they know each other; that they have learned to live in harmony inspite of their differences. Setting aside the contrast of their nature strongly conveys love. Tolerance, comfort and safety are attributes of love and that is what I see in this picture. A small pussy cat seeking the warmth and protection of an old dog, an old dog spreading its ear to give warmth and enclosing the pussycat with its front leg gives the message of protection. The warm white balance also is a factor, I guess.


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