Photography – Autumn

Posted: September 29, 2012 in photography, week6
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After being dormant ( my photography skill) for quite sometime now, today, I went out with my 3-foot friend and ventured the area of Kongsvinger. I went up the fortress (Festningen), walked the bridge and trailed the riverside. The sky was dramatic with patches of clouds and with the sun hiding behind it most of the time. I took a lot of pictures, 540 to be exact and it would have been more if not for my battery which had been drained of life. The timing couldn’t been worse, it was about the time of the golden hour!! My 3-foot friend was ready, standing there just waiting for me to mount the camera. No one’s to blame of course but me because instead of waiting for the right moment, i chose to do some panning!! Anyway, I did get some good shots….



Both pictures were taken handheld at 25feet high (estimate) and my upper body hanging by the bridge railing 🙂


The colors weren’t touched by photoshop, it was the white balance which I played around using 10K kelvin, incandescent and fluorescent and of course the setting sun. I think 10K Kelvin was used in the last 3 images.

About the panning shots, as usual, 1 or 2 shots were acceptable…the others have too much noise as I needed to up my ISO to compensate for the lack of light and most of it were out of focus.

ISO400, f/8; 1/5 sec. at 70mm

Well, not bad for a comeback photoshoot and most of all…it was fun!









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