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Posted: October 7, 2012 in oblig03, Uncategorized, week7
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So after two weeks of trying very hard to put my sketches into digital graphics and really not going anywhere, I found myself re-evaluating my choices. I have been working with two songs for the illustration project. The other one I started last week when I got frustrated with my first choice of song. I found M.C. Escher as an inspiration and would probably pursue tesselation technique later on. Browsing and browsing the net for inspiration and his works, tried the technique which is fun but would take a lot of time for me to apply it to my illustration. The technique lead me to work on my second song, YELLOW by Coldplay.

As I browsed and researched everything about the song and what it means, it came to me that people tend to put so much meaning into things. When we hear a song, we instantaneously associate the song to the singer and his/her life. When we look at an art (painting/sculpture/graphics) we like to pretend that it is very cultured knowing what the artist was trying to convey. We think that every piece of it was made with a very deep meaning and artistic depth. It may be true sometimes but not always. Like in the case of this song, yellow was put on the song because it fits the lyrics! That’s it. Did it made the song less of a song?

Real appreciation of art is not knowing why it is done but how it affects our senses! It is not how well we pattern ourselves to famous and established artitsts but it is how freely we can express ourselves without pretense!

What is good about art is that it is always subjective. There are elements that make it a good one but is it never wrong to add or eliminate something nor it is bad to try something new. Some famous artists dealt with rejections and insults because they were brave enough to change the norm.

Of course, this is my opinion.

Enough of that…my project is to make an illustration poster of a self-chosen song without using words. My interpretation of the song was downplayed and big consideration was put on the majority of the listeners (I hope so)

I wanted it to be simple and uncluttered but I am really considering putting some more texture on the background (I have draft for two different backgrounds.)

I would appreciate constructive criticism and suggestions so I can make this piece better. Thanks!


  1. Eiris says:

    So powerful ! 🙂

  2. malskablog says:

    This is a great poster! I like that it is simple, put still so powerful!

  3. ikegbus says:

    you put a lot of work in the subject.(Good) But the foreground is too bare. Put some detail but make sure it doesnt draw attention from the subject.
    Nice job! Liked already.

  4. megame73 says:

    I did try Ike 🙂

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