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Posted: October 9, 2012 in photography, Uncategorized, week6, week7
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“Using a SRL camera, practicing the use of manual camera controls. In this second learning activity you are going experiment with shutter speed and a manual focus.

You are asked to visit an active environment (anything that moves), creating two series of photos:

Action 1: Use very fast shutter speeds to freeze movements.

Action 2: Using slow shutter speeds to create an illusion of movement (motion blur)

Tip: use a stand or another support for the camera to avoid an out of focus image.

You are required to use a manual focus on all of the photographs, and write down the camera settings for each shot.”

Sunday morning, I went out early to do this week’s assignment. I was lucky with the weather and I hope it continues until I can get some materials for my portfolio due November. Anyways, the autumn color is really making me fall in love with nature and make me forget about time. I took some pictures of the stream nearby for this assignment and also took something else…a type of insect I am not sure what it was. 🙂 (hjortelus?)


It was dark in the forrest so I had to use large aperture and increased ISO to freeze the water which was raging fast. Camera on tripod with polarizing filter (removed for the freezing action) manual focus and spot metering. No photoshop except for file sizing.

1/200 sec; f/4.5; ISO 1600 at 46mm

20.0 sec; f/20; ISO 100 at 38mm

1/20 sec; f/13; ISO 100 at 95mm


1/500 sec; f/5.6; ISO 640 at 130mm

  1. ikegbus says:

    I like the motion shot.

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