Illustration – versions, Moodboard and output

Posted: October 12, 2012 in illustration, oblig03, Uncategorized, week6, week7






look how many yellow ink i used! The cartridge was new by the way.



used A4 artboard in illustrator to print this and it took 7 sheets. 2 of which were not filled up.
70 x 50 cm with 3mm bleed

There, there! Illustration project done and submitted!!! I can say I bled to dry doing this project. Not that the design is that complicated but somehow a lot of considerations were made. New things were learned! I finally got to print in tiles which i have been wanting to do for my photographs!! I printed it 3 times as there were mistakes in the first two copies…the third one where i finally realized what was wrong, my ink went dry!!! So you see? Several nights, i went to bed so late that I didn’t need to change clothes 🙂

Ok! Next one!!

  1. Really, really nice! 🙂 Love your poster! Well done 🙂

  2. ikegbus says:

    I like the one with scorched ground and the one with bled out heart. Why didnt you choose one of them? Or did you?

  3. megame73 says:

    Ike, I didn’t. I went for the bare one. I thought the blood signifies hardship which isnt what the song is about. It is more on devotion aaaaand it looks more of a lava than blood. 😉

  4. Eiris says:

    Powerful ! Nice work 🙂

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