Night Photography

Posted: October 19, 2012 in photography, Uncategorized
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Three weeks ago, I went out to shoot some night photos for my photography project. The project would have to be ‘as shot!’  No photoshop! Not to be purist photographers but to master the camera’s settings, that is why.
I put the settings and some descriptions as to how I took the shot. I am choosing night photography as one of my sure theme for this project.

Short description: The camera was always mounted on a tripod. I believe i removed my polarizing filter for more light. I don’t have remote control so I had to hold the shutter button the whole time (and my breathe) as I was using bulb. I can’t remember my white balance and I didn’t record it since I usually get it from the exif in photoshop but now I couldn’t find it anywhere.

This was the start of that session. I got so little light not only because of the shutter settings but also the site was under the bridge so the water had no reflection of lights.

I decided to climb up the bridge and tried some action shot of the cars passing by but decided that’s another session. The sky that night was dramatic so I went to find another spot.

On the other side of the bridge was the moon and this sky. I took two shots this one was the best of the two.

I went down from the bridge hoping to find a subject that will compliment the sky. The ruined bridge could have been a good focal point but it had no light. So i turned my back and faced the bridge.

Turning my back from the moon, I got this view and it was definitely better.

I was happy with this one, composition wise. Not so with the foreground but couldn’t do anything about that as there was no where to move…unless I stepped on the water. I wasn’t sure where that green light came from but probably the stop light at the end of the bridge.

This is the last shot i took before my battery died.


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