Pace and Contrast – layout

Posted: October 21, 2012 in layout, oblig04, Uncategorized, week 8
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Next activity for this week:

Compare the design (in terms of pace and contrast) of an online magazine, blog or website to that of a printed magazine, book or journal.

  1. What differences can you see between the kinds of design strategies used in the two formats?
  2. Write down your findings and upload it to Moodle.

I have this photography magazine at home and found an online magazine in the internet to compare pace and contrast.

I scanned the cover of the print magazine and took a screenshot of my chosen online magazine. The printed one showed a lot thumbnails and some short descriptions about the article while the online magazine showed only 1 picture but a lot of buttons or links to click for further navigation. Thinking about pace and contrast…printed magazines probably need to show as much as possible on the cover, as they usually are wrapped, so people will have the idea of what is inside the magazine while online ones are accessible and are just clicks away. Another difference is the list of articles or the table of content area where printed magazine had to limit their page to very small or none at all thumbnails, while the online magazine I chose had a reasonably sized thumbnails with brief descriptions of its content. I am not sure if I am 100% right for the reason but I think printed magazines have to be wise in allocating space for their articles and illustrations. A list of articles with boldly written title may be enough to make the page a bit interesting and  to easily serve its purpose. The articles itself: I find the pacing of the printed magazine to be more fluid than that of the online one since I had to go back to the home page every time I want to read a new article. I find it more interesting to look at the illustrations too since it spreads to both pages. The types used varied from large, medium to small which easily catch attention while online ones (at least those I have seen) contained only two sizes that is for the title and for the text. So I think that printed magazine in my example has more contrast than that of the online magazine.





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