Layout – A5 flyer duplication

Posted: October 23, 2012 in layout, oblig04, Uncategorized, week9
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I took time doing this activity since I know that it is a must to know the features of Adobe Indesign for the next obligatory project. With the help of and some youtube tutorials, I was able to duplicate an A5 flyer that I found in the internet. Not duplicate per se since I changed the fonts and graphics but the layout is the same.

Here is what to be expected:

Choose a simple A5 flyer that is printed on one side only, but in full colour. The flyer must contain visuals and text – a travel flyer is a useful idea, but it can be of any organisation or company.

  • Reproduce the same layout as your chosen flyer by using InDesign – you may use different images and fake body copy. What is important is that you recreate the flyer to the same style and layout and use InDesign to do so.






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