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Posted: October 28, 2012 in layout, oblig04, Uncategorized, week9
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Last of the weekly activities for the layout topic is making a brochure for a fictitious travel agency. The goal is to learn more about typefaces, use of images and grid styles that make out a layout of a brochure. I chose the asymmetrical format as it gives me more room to experiment on my grid. At first, I wanted to make a minimalistic layout but I opted not since this is a learning activity and doing more means learning more at this stage. I am not yet done watching the tutorial videos on but I do visit it when problem arises. I encountered issues like the size of the image not fitting my grid or get in conflict with the text and the other way around and really tried hard to find solutions. Got page spread problem when I realized that my content page is actually two pages. Having images as background makes the design interesting but will challenge the placement of the text. I am liking the use of Indesign as it is very flexible.

Everything in this brochure came from scratch. I made the logo in illustrator. All pictures were my own and the titles but all the text content including telephone#s were copied and are fictitious.






yesta desamba. (2010). Design Tips for Modern Minimalist Design Style. Available: Last accessed 28th oct 2012.

misty barton. (2010). Parts of a Brochure. Available: Last accessed 28th oct 2012.

  1. Veldig bra. Gjennomført komposisjon, og kult at du brukte egne bilder.
    Fikk asossiasjoner til adobe på det miniatyrbildet nede til venstre.

  2. megame73 says:

    Takk! Nå ser jeg det da du nevnte det…det var jo sant 🙂

  3. ikegbus says:

    Nice compo, very fresh and calm, I like it. Your typo needs some work to complete it.

    • megame73 says:

      Thanks! I like simple types and been consistently using it 🙂 You think it’s not catchy or? BTW, I lost my Indd file of this and couldn’t review my grid. I only have the pdf…been looking for files the whole day!! Need a break!

      • ikegbus says:

        Not that its not catchy, your font size are inconsistent. It could be a slip up(oversight). These things happen. How did you loose your file? Try searching your computer or check recently opened in the file menu of the program.

  4. megame73 says:

    Oh! Where is the inconsistency? I did check them before converting to pdf. Now i can’t do that since there is no indd file.
    I did search too….anyway, I downloaded it again from moodle so everything’s fine. 🙂

  5. megame73 says:

    Now I see it…visit museums title is a bit darker….bolder

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