Magazine design

Posted: November 3, 2012 in printing, week10
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This week’s task is to ready documents/design for printing. “Design a 20-page magazine style brochure combining dynamic typography and photography. You can use placeholder text for body copy. For your magazine, use a spot varnish for the cover and design it using two spot colours.”

As much as I enjoyed layouting the magazine, I can’t say the same in preparing it for print. I still am not sure about spot printing and using spot varnish. I consulted a website for added info (

So while still learning and researching about type of paper and more on printing and binding, this is how the magazine would look like if printing is successful.

I have saved the work in PDF and also packaged it. Paper: 180 to 250 GSM for the cover and 90 GSM for the content pages. As I am very sleepy now, I will update this blog tomorrow and probably under a new title.

Click the link for the for the finished project. magazinelondon5  


packaged and ready for transfer 🙂


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