Magazine project

Posted: November 4, 2012 in layout, photography, printing, Uncategorized, week10
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The previous blog showed images of the grid, margins and master pages. I used 7 columns and 8 rows. I opted to use black background as most of my photos have red on int and will look striking with black. That left me with using white fonts. The type used was Myriad Pro in varying sizes and styles to show hierarchy. The start of the paragraph is in bold and slightly large font in red to mirror my photos. The layout was meant to show various styles. Photos crossed over both spreads at times and sometimes occupied the whole page. I tried to group the images in a theme eventhough there was no understandable heading and topic (I do intend to change that so I can really print this one and have it as my souvenir.)  The text body was all lorem ipsum as this assignment only meant to show the dynamic use of typography and photography.
Preparation of the images was made in photoshop and was drag and paste from adobe bridge to indesign.
Photography by Melinda Mendez
This is how it should look like after printing.

  1. ikegbus says:

    Cool! Nice images by the way. You took these shots yourself?

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