Magazine Cover – spot color

Posted: November 5, 2012 in GRAP, layout, printing, Uncategorized, week11
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Today, I tried making my 2spot color magazine cover and spot varnishing it (done in earlier stage of the project)

This is how I did it and really hoping this is how it is done.

    I opened my CMYK image in photoshop and colorpicked the red from the bus and the blue from the sky. I used the red for the spot color.

   I converted it to greyscale and adjusted the brightness and contrast/levels

  +   In image>mode>duotone, I chose duotone then used the red color picked earlier and Pantone+ solid coated and adjusted the curves of both.

  Then saved my image as psd file to a folder.

In indesign, with my document open, I placed the spot color image  on the cover and there it is…my not so good looking cover using 2 spot colours. and i gained spot colors in my swatches!!!

Final cover using 2spot colours and spot varnishing. This is for learning purposes, FYI 🙂




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