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Posted: November 10, 2012 in GRAM, layout, oblig04, Uncategorized, week11
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I really did in depth research on my cookbook layout project. I have encountered lots of informative articles browsing the web and would like to share some of them so here is my list:

liora blum. (2012). Liora Blum – Professional Graphic design. Available:

Sarah. (2012). Our Budding Norwegian Chef. Available:

Amber Neely. (2012). Tips on How to Make Your Own Cookbook. Available: (2012). Book Page Layout Tips. Available: Grids: Order Out of Chaos. Available:

Wikibooks.Basic Book Design/Margins. Available: (2010). The Secret Canon & Page Harmony. Available:

Lucio Dias Ribeiro. (2007). How to choose the best fonts – 3 key tips.. Available:

The Online Printer. (2012). How To Use Fonts (and Why You Should Care). Available:

Brian Hoff. (2008). 10 Common Typography Mistakes. Available:

Ilene Strizver. (YEAR). Rags, Widows & Orphans. Available:

Here are some inspirational images:


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