Typography research – Cookbook layout

Posted: November 10, 2012 in GRAM, layout, oblig04, Uncategorized, week11
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To remember better, I have to make use of repetition. I have been reading a lot about layout and as of now I am still at the stage of research for my cookbook layout 🙂

I am enjoying all the discoveries/knowledge about layout!! Suddenly, I became conscious of what I put in my negative space. Now, I look at each character (text) with respect. So, here are some terms about typography relating to layout.

LEADING: Leading is the space between lines of type.

TRACKING: Tracking is Overall Letterspacing

KERNING: Kerning is Selective Letterspacing. Between two characters.

RAG: In typography, “rag” refers to the irregular or uneven vertical margin of a block of type.

WIDOW: A widow is a very short line – usually one word, or the end of a hyphenated word – at the end of a paragraph or column.

ORPHANS: an orphan is a single word, part of a word or very short line, except it appears at the beginning of a column or a page.



These are the fonts I used:



Ilene Strizver. (YEAR). Rags, Widows & Orphans. Available: http://www.fonts.com/content/learning/fontology/level-2/text-typography/rags-widows-orphans. Last accessed 9th november 2012.

About.com. Grids: Order Out of Chaos. Available:


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