Photography – free style

Posted: November 11, 2012 in GRAM, oblig01, photography, Uncategorized
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Free style has always been my favorite as it means…no style 🙂

Seriously, this theme I believe gives more room for experimentation and less ‘in a box’ feeling when shooting.

Friday after my doctor’s appointment, I went for a shooting session with a negative film and some P-filters. I was lucky to find a color negative film at home but i was looking for a black and white one but it was no where to be found. That day was an overcast day with snow all around and icy road (funny, today every snow has melted already!)  So my camera was set to manual mode on a tripod. I had to overexpose as the film and filters were dark (they still are by the way ehehe) and as the sky had no detail on it, I took advantage of exposure compensation (I used +1 to +2 maybe in some)

So as it is raining today…I will be shooting indoor (and make a mess of the house!!)


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