Posted: November 25, 2012 in GRAP, Uncategorized
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I will let this one sit for a while and let it cook. 🙂 Off to make some sketches for my menu. Some things planned don’t really go the way they should be!






  1. anneda says:

    Mye bra inspirasjon! 🙂
    En ting bare; Navnet på bedriften i brunt forsvinner litt i den blå bakgrunnen. Kanskje du kunne prøvd å ha navnet i hvitt?

  2. megame73 says:

    Takk for tilbakemelding! Ja det er sant, og har endret fargen til hvit og beige på kaffekoppen. Har jeg noe å bruke her tror du?

  3. ikegbus says:

    Nice work, the blue and brown dont really work for me but I think you need to try to use a little less solid colours and let the white separate the colours a bit more. You can use the Solid on the back with white reverse.

  4. megame73 says:

    Yeah, i have seen that after I’ve printed it. The brown disappeared but I love seeing just the cup and the wood background on print though 🙂 I love the rolling pin on print and glossy paper. But this may not be my business card design since the owner would like to have pizza images in it. More like give away cards which I will suggest we make it a magnet instead of just cards. Thanks for the feedback.

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