MENU – rough draft/digital sketches

Posted: December 7, 2012 in design, GRAP, layout, Uncategorized
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I wish to finish both the take-away menu and the in-house menu this weekend so I can send it to printing this coming Monday. I am almost done with the in-house menu and below are some concepts I had worked on these past few days. I am going for the white backgrounded design as the target group, I hope, would go for this type. I tried printing the inner page  in an A3  200gsm white paper which I got from my future printer (vinger trykkeri) and it went well. Margins and folding guides worked so well. Thanks to tutorial 🙂 I did change one thing though, the effects of the images. I removed the bevel and embose effect as it didn’t really help but retained the drop shadow which helped in lifting the images from the surface of the paper.

Thanks for the assistance to Clae Anne and Venus 🙂

blackcover   trial   bluecover   2012-12-05 21_28_24-_blackbg 2012-12-07 23_33_01-_finalfinal    2012-12-08 00_18_17-_finalfinal      2012-12-08 00_22_32-      2012-12-08 00_22_17- 2012-12-08 00_24_59-


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