Introduction to webdesign

Posted: January 6, 2013 in design, Uncategorized

Megame -_-

This might be my last blog for this year 2012. What do you know…the world still exist! Inspite of all going haywire these past few days and instead of getting some inspiration, I got some frustrations…I still choose to smile and take things the way they are. I choose to look at people who inspire, who support and understand not only because Christmas is just around the corner but because we are human and we are capable of empathy.

Before getting into my assignment, I would like to pat my shoulder for ‘a job well done’ this year!! Yehey! I am grateful for people who made it easier for me to handle both my work and studies!!! Thanks thanks!

So first semester is over and we already began with 2nd semester’s first activity. This week’s topic is all about WEB.

  1. Explain the following terms in your own words:
    • The Internet

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