Put thought into your design

Posted: January 29, 2013 in design, web, web design

As much as I want to experiment on this activity, I chose to do a simple design as I am still not home and with limited resources. I am also in the middle of processing something that is very important that my time is really divided. Anyways, this activity is designing 5 webpages that will feature a place to promote it. It can be a blog and so I did a blog about Sagada. It is a place in the Philippines where I visited several years ago. I made a photoblog about it before and that was my source of photos. The text was copied on a website (http://www.thepoortraveler.net/2011/10/planning-trip-sagada-itinerary/)

I originally wanted the logo to be at the left side but it was a bit advanced for me. It is a simple web blog with straight forward functionality that will attract readers wanting to know about the place. Pictures were used so reader can have a taste of what to expect. I chose earth color for the palette as the blog is about travel….like….walking on the face of the earth. I included links for social media such as facebook and twitter for additional portal of promotion.



Page2 Page1 Page3 Page4 Page5

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    I still can’t see what I posted.

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