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Just finished my site after having so much trouble with publishing it! 🙂 I made a chaos out of my files and the server found it hard to find the links. So I had to re-insert my images and made a new menu bar.  I made several versions using fluid grid layout but for some reason I still don’t know…the HTML been corrupted so I just stopped. So my website won’t be suitable for smaller devices like tablets and mobile phones. Anyway, I am happy to have accomplished the project’s goal that is to make a simple website.

Here is the link:  (FINAL project)

and here is a link to the first one I made in such a haste: ( I think the link to links is broken and I guess it was from moving files back and forth)


Simple Website – process

Posted: April 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

After I have established what I want my website to be and the visitors would be doing or getting from it, I now am able to find out what to components to add on the site.

The logo or banner which I still have to develop;

Search engine?

Menu bar, still to be decided upon whether vertical or horizontal

Text content: HTML and CSS brief history; my own experience

Illustrations about the content

Applicable Links

There! Now, it would be nice to have a concept of what the site would look like. Using some websites as my inspiration and the sketch grid of, I will be basing my layout on a 12-column grid. I printed some sketch grid (downloaded from here and will sketch the look of my website but before I can do that, I must have my content in order so I will know where to place what.

LOGO: I will make a logo from adobe illustrator and just adjust the color and size when I get to making the webpages. Logo title choices: Digital web design, Website 101; Shelf taught; WeWantWeb; WebBum, .Com Arts,