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The assignment was to take pictures from a moving vehicle such as cars, bikes or motorcycles. I was in the Philippines when I did this assignment and as much as I wanted to use slow shutter, the topic of slow moving traffic was more appealing. I was supposed to present 3 pictures that would present my topic. Here are those: (also another part of the assignment was to edit them converting a picture to black and white, adjusting the contrast and correcting a high or low key photo)

tollhighkeyThe picture was taken in front of a toll gate while waiting for my turn to pay the toll fee of course. The high key nature of the photo was corrected to better define the toll gate which was still far from where my car was (picture below)

tollcorxn The photos were taken during my travel after visiting an aunt from the province. Since it was on a Sunday afternoon and almost everyone that went to vacation have the same frame of mind as I had, we jammed up in front of the toll gate. The photo has a high key quality that the sky was almost washed out. After correction (highlights and shadows, levels, and contrast) the sky showed more texture, the banner above the gate was more defined and the color came out better.

tollmansharpnd    tollmanbw

The two pictures right above are same pictures with one converted to black and white. The photo was chosen for black and white as the other two photos would less benefit from the conversion. This photo after the conversion still showed the essence of the photo. Edited using adobe photoshop, converted black and white, adjusted contrast, levels and curves.

traffic                  trafficcontrast

The photo was taken after passing the toll gate and entering the city. Although it was Sunday, the mall around the area created a big traffic too. The contrast of the original photo was not enough to show the jeep at the back of the side view mirror. Using adobe photoshop, the contrast was tweaked and levels were tweaked and applied unsharp mask to all the photos.


As we continue on photography, the study of light and shade using a balloon model. The task is to take a picture of a balloon in a home studio setting manipulating the light to produce a low or high key photo with low and high contrast. I read a bit on the topic and here is what I have learned.

Light is directly responsible for the appearance, shape, and color of objects. The light spectrum in its entirety contains all the colors we can see.

Light illuminates all the volumes of the three dimensional world.

It reveals its composition of planes, which appear closer or further away depending on the amount

of light that reaches them.

We see forms like cubes, cones, spheres and cylinders or pyramids in light but shade is necessary to distinguish these forms. The dimension of an object, depth or thickness in photography will depend on the placing of light. Shading gives an object tonal value and is related to the distance of the light source. The farther the light source, the more shade the object possesses. For this assignment, I chose photographing the balloon in low key.


Low key with high contrast

Low key with high contrast

low key with low contrast

low key with low contrast

Notice the shape of the balloon using high contrast, made the shape very visible while the low contrast, some of the edges almost disappear into the background.

Photo Essay

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nathanI just finalized my project on photo essay. I chose my baby Nathan as the subject. He’s far away but I got to visit him last month for a whole month. All of the shots used ambient light. The cover, I shot when I got back. The sock was the only thing I got with me so I used it. He outgrown the sock and I kept it so I have something to hug (or smell) even when he’s not around. We used to remove his socks as it made his feet sweat 🙂

Nathan is 4months old turning 5 this 24th and at his age, there are lots of changes happening. He started giggling and smiling a lot, started using his hand and mouth to play and started showing different facial expressions. I love looking at his face and love talking to him. I took a lot of pictures of him in different settings and angles but I chose the closeup ones to show his face and its expressions. Here are the 6 photos I chose and the cover is in black and white. Click the link for the pdf.

GRA1_ GRA106_Assignment 06_ Photo Essay_Melinda_Mendez_20.05.13.pdf