Photo Essay

Posted: May 19, 2013 in photography, Uncategorized

nathanI just finalized my project on photo essay. I chose my baby Nathan as the subject. He’s far away but I got to visit him last month for a whole month. All of the shots used ambient light. The cover, I shot when I got back. The sock was the only thing I got with me so I used it. He outgrown the sock and I kept it so I have something to hug (or smell) even when he’s not around. We used to remove his socks as it made his feet sweat 🙂

Nathan is 4months old turning 5 this 24th and at his age, there are lots of changes happening. He started giggling and smiling a lot, started using his hand and mouth to play and started showing different facial expressions. I love looking at his face and love talking to him. I took a lot of pictures of him in different settings and angles but I chose the closeup ones to show his face and its expressions. Here are the 6 photos I chose and the cover is in black and white. Click the link for the pdf.

GRA1_ GRA106_Assignment 06_ Photo Essay_Melinda_Mendez_20.05.13.pdf


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