Photography2 – Light and Shade

Posted: May 25, 2013 in photography, Uncategorized

As we continue on photography, the study of light and shade using a balloon model. The task is to take a picture of a balloon in a home studio setting manipulating the light to produce a low or high key photo with low and high contrast. I read a bit on the topic and here is what I have learned.

Light is directly responsible for the appearance, shape, and color of objects. The light spectrum in its entirety contains all the colors we can see.

Light illuminates all the volumes of the three dimensional world.

It reveals its composition of planes, which appear closer or further away depending on the amount

of light that reaches them.

We see forms like cubes, cones, spheres and cylinders or pyramids in light but shade is necessary to distinguish these forms. The dimension of an object, depth or thickness in photography will depend on the placing of light. Shading gives an object tonal value and is related to the distance of the light source. The farther the light source, the more shade the object possesses. For this assignment, I chose photographing the balloon in low key.


Low key with high contrast

Low key with high contrast

low key with low contrast

low key with low contrast

Notice the shape of the balloon using high contrast, made the shape very visible while the low contrast, some of the edges almost disappear into the background.


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