Working with WordPress

Posted: November 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

Just done with all mandatory assignments, next is making my online portfolio. This weeks learning activity is:

“Firstly you   need to download and install WordPress using Dreamweaver. Then publish it to   your Noroff hosting account. Create a subfolder if you wish to avvoid conflicts with previous websites.

After all the   “admin” is complete, you can start having some fun.        Choose and download   a theme that best suits you and install it. Then customise this theme in   order to create a portfolio website for yourself.”

I didn’t use Dreamweaver for this activity but used FileZilla as what was used in the video tutorial from I have watched several times and downloaded WP several times too. The downloading itself was easy since I just followed the tutorial, If I hadn’t have the problem from the ‘host,’ I would have just downloaded it and got on with customizing my site. So I gained more from losing a little time. In fact, I have been behind my assignments but I have been using my time learning and researching…it is a gain!

Here is my customize wordpress site, nothing in there yet but a single photo, added pages, got my navigation menu and changed the background.


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