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Amidst the chaos and tragedy that is happening in the Philippines, life must continue. So here is the next part of the dog food project I am working on…POS or point of sale. Since my dog food product is homemade and will not be found in your ordinary store, the POS will consist of brochures in pet shops, online ads and its own website and also vans/trucks.





2013-11-14 22_16_00-http___megame73.files.wordpress.com_2013_11_website


While I was working on my point of sale materials, I realized that I have missed a part of infograph/brochure making part of the project. So I made another brochure last night and an infograph tonight. Also posting some of my sketches for the labeling and packaging.

brochurehistory   infograph





Creative Workflow

Posted: August 25, 2013 in design, Uncategorized

Highlight three of the thumbnail ideas that you consider the best options and state why. Hand in an A4 with visuals of the three chosen thumbnails; include reasons for choosing each of these three options.

3 chosen sketches:

I like the combination of the complex lines of G in contrast with the word POOCH which used simple thin lines, the G also represents the green part of the product with its color and leafy design.  focus1 

I like the playfulness  focus2

I like the concept of movement focus3

This will be my temporary final (temporary final!) logo. One said this is clean, one said it’s familiar, another said it’s techie and impersonal. So not so good review 🙂 I will still be working on this logo and will post my updates!