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Hmmm….I couldn’t concentrate on my logo making so i decided to do something else. Grabbed my camera, set it on a tripod and put together some materials i could put my hands on in the room. I chose a subject, light source and experiment with it. I played around with the shutter speed (i very seldom use program settings) and got some fun shots.

nothing interesting

Got some reflected lights, no idea how

Put down the blinds and spinned the chair

The shot was made using a 60mm macro lens at 6sec. f/13, self-timer; ISO100

Same setting; WB set to incandescent

same setting

As i was trying to put more light with my cellphone’s flashlight, the LED dropped.

an old film camera i bought cheaply at

i used my cellphone’s flashlight and drew the frame

For my portfolio due week12, if you’re following my blog, it is not allowed to use photoshop manipulation, just cropping. So i have a lot of practicing to do!!! aaahh…and i get to play again šŸ™‚


Week 1 in the box

Posted: August 26, 2012 in firstweek, Uncategorized

Week1 went by fast. Moodle map and my summary report submitted yesterday. I was a bit doubtful of zipping my files. I hope i did it the right way.

Anyway, i think it is fun to share what was on my mind during the making of moodle map. Moodle, as i found out is a free resource learning platform. As a part of my online multimedia course, i was asked to map it to somehow be familiar with it before the real lessons begin. Smart and fun way of learning it. So, ideas flood in my mind but it was not easy to put it in paper. I first thought of mimicking a family tree, then Ā of rocks rolling downhill (my sketch was pathetic šŸ™‚ ), there was this idea of letting balloons fly high (had a hard time executing) and there was also the bookshelf (which i thought was too simple and common). In short, i abandoned all those ideas. I finally settled with the heart concept and with the help of online resources, i learned about mind mapping. I think i executed it fine…so i am satisfied with the result.

Behind the scene – the making of moodle map


I did Follow mY HeaRt

Posted: August 24, 2012 in firstweek

I did follow my heart…

I’m done mind mapping;

Burst all the balloons;

Let the rocks roll down the hills;

Cut down the trees;

And Emptied the bookshelf!!!

Instead, I followed my heart and find a home in it.

Moodle map done. Getting the hang of moodle platform…getting there!

Rapport og innlevering… snart!Image

Ok, so yesterday was my first day in school….again. As IĀ was browsing the content of this week’s schedule,Ā IĀ felt a bit panicky and at the same time excited. I remembered how it was to be in school. It’s been agesĀ sinceĀ IĀ graduated in nursingĀ or it feels that way. AlthoughĀ IĀ have had some online courses, this one feels like a real school! It must be! Panicky and excited, you can only feel that when attending your first day of school, right? or being in love? Hehe! The panic feeling is starting to fade, thanks to the people in the front row asking questions (yes, it’s you!)Ā  The excitement is building up asĀ IĀ think of concepts for the moodleĀ map assignment but firstĀ how didĀ I get here? I already have a full-time job? I have done college already? Who on earth would like to go back to school? Obviously, it’s Me! If you have time, then let meĀ write you my story….here goes…

Long time ago….I think we should cut it short! Agree? Ok.

It is the fact thatĀ IĀ love art,Ā I may not remember artsy artists, artsy dates or artsy events… that is totally my memory’s fault but i can stand, literally stand, hours and hours watching the making of an art. It doesn’t matter if it’s the making of a painting masterpiece, the printing of a billboard ads, the stamping of distributor’s name on a pencil, the slow process of braising beef and so on…as long as it is being done for the sake of creation and expression…I will persevereĀ until i see it done! I love beauty and creation. I have always been an expressionist in a way that I like everything around me to somehow have my signature on it, that somehow I touched it and made it better or tweaked it to my liking….customization!

And soĀ I decided to take up multimedia design. If I get it right which is all the time….not, multimedia design touches a bit of everything. It is a way of expression in different medium and this is exactly what I am looking for. If I can make an analogy of myself then it is to multimedia.

Me=flooding mind, opinionated, moody, in or out Ā : Ā multimedia=me

If you understand that analogy, you should be scared. šŸ™‚

As of now, it is unclear as to where I am heading. All I know is I have to find ways of getting my ideas known thru practical, tangible and hopefully artistic way. Who knows what I will do after this course, I might choose a focus field and keep studying until I retire as a nurse or maybe choose to be a farmer, grow some cows and make my own yogurt or drop everything and be a wanderer. Who knows? Stick around and let’s journey to the big world of multimedia!

No cars allowed! Take your bike ;