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Amidst the chaos and tragedy that is happening in the Philippines, life must continue. So here is the next part of the dog food project I am working on…POS or point of sale. Since my dog food product is homemade and will not be found in your ordinary store, the POS will consist of brochures in pet shops, online ads and its own website and also vans/trucks.





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While I was working on my point of sale materials, I realized that I have missed a part of infograph/brochure making part of the project. So I made another brochure last night and an infograph tonight. Also posting some of my sketches for the labeling and packaging.

brochurehistory   infograph










look how many yellow ink i used! The cartridge was new by the way.



used A4 artboard in illustrator to print this and it took 7 sheets. 2 of which were not filled up.
70 x 50 cm with 3mm bleed

There, there! Illustration project done and submitted!!! I can say I bled to dry doing this project. Not that the design is that complicated but somehow a lot of considerations were made. New things were learned! I finally got to print in tiles which i have been wanting to do for my photographs!! I printed it 3 times as there were mistakes in the first two copies…the third one where i finally realized what was wrong, my ink went dry!!! So you see? Several nights, i went to bed so late that I didn’t need to change clothes 🙂

Ok! Next one!!

Illustration project

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It is funny how i managed to use up my time and how fast time passed by. Tomorrow would be the deadline for illustration project and i am very unsure how i am doing. I spend all my free time (spent my autumn break too) studying and processing this project and some on the side. Anyway, I am here to learn. This blog is to get a peek as to what was/is in my mind doing this piece. Sketches below include those of my first choice of song. I think i should include it as I did spent much time on it and it did lead me to my chosen illustration.

The big part was the sketch of a yellow negative background, the red part and accent is on the other page. I burnt a whole to show it.

I think the song is really about love and sometimes love hurts

this was inspired by the bond of union by M.C. Escher


chosen  sketch and it is the part of the song ‘and you know, for you I’d bleed myself dry

I really like this  if the background is simpler and the accent red is paint blob

The sketches below were for the first song: