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Just finished my site after having so much trouble with publishing it! ūüôā I made a chaos out of my files and the server found it hard to find the links. So I had to re-insert my images and made a new menu bar.¬† I made several versions using fluid grid layout but for some reason I still don’t know…the HTML been corrupted so I just stopped. So my website won’t be suitable for smaller devices like tablets and mobile phones. Anyway, I am happy to have accomplished the project’s goal that is to make a simple website.

Here is the link:  (FINAL project)

and here is a link to the first one I made in such a haste: ( I think the link to links is broken and I guess it was from moving files back and forth)


Simple Website

Posted: March 19, 2013 in design, web, web design

Our 5th mandatory assignment  is making a simple website. The homepage may contain fictitious content. The text content should explain or illustrate briefly the history of HTML and CSS. Also, share briefly the experience I have had in making the website.

From the prior learning activities, we touched on some questionnaires that is essential to answer before making a website. The questionnaire can be used both by the client or the web designer. So, I have these 10 questions that will be my start in making my first simple website.

1. Why do you need a website? purposes and goals. This website should show and give information about the history of HTML and CSS; show simple and  clear navigation.
2. What do you want the visitors do on your website?    Get information and learn something
3. Who are your competitors and how do you differ from them? This is a school project so this is non-applicable yet
4. What is your timeframe and budget? Timeframe would be 1month from now
5. Do you have an existing logo? No
6. Do you have an existing website? No
7. Would the site use social media like facebook, twitter etc? Would try to add one, no promises
8. Would you be using search engines? Would insert this too on the website
9. Would the site support multiple languages? No, I don’t know¬†how to do this yet.
10. Please list the names of three sites that you like and explain what you like about them.

1) : Very simple and yet different

2)  I love that it is a scroll webpage and how the eyes navigates in every corner of the page.

3) It is amazing how effectively typography was used.

By these answers, I will now determine what would be the content of my website.

Put thought into your design

Posted: January 29, 2013 in design, web, web design

As much as I want to experiment on this activity, I chose to do a simple design as I am still not home and with limited resources. I am also in the middle of processing something that is very important that my time is really divided. Anyways, this activity is designing 5 webpages that will feature a place to promote it. It can be a blog and so I did a blog about Sagada. It is a place in the Philippines where I visited several years ago. I made a photoblog about it before and that was my source of photos. The text was copied on a website (

I originally wanted the logo to be at the left side but it was a bit advanced for me. It is a simple web blog with straight forward functionality that will attract readers wanting to know about the place. Pictures were used so reader can have a taste of what to expect. I chose earth color for the palette as the blog is about travel….like….walking on the face of the earth. I included links for social media such as facebook and twitter for additional portal of promotion.



Page2 Page1 Page3 Page4 Page5