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I am not a big fan of McDonald’s but I do admire their creativity. When i was working in a fastfood chain I did envy McDonald’s uniform and how their employee can eat McDonald products for their lunch breaks. A lot of times I chose to eat in their restaurants mainly because of the seats and that i can stay long enough even though I only bought an order of french fries. In short, it wasn’t just the product itself but the whole managing system, from advertisement, packaging, variety of menu to service that makes McDonald’s success and how they adapt to what the people need and want. I wanted to take a closer look how they manage to stay on top over the years, as part of my homework this week.

Who would have thought that McDonald’s was actually a Bar-B-Que restaurant? That was in 1940. Image

What have they done? In 1948 they modified, eliminated and re-arrange their menu from a large variety to nine items, reduce the service to self-service drive-in restaurant. Image

And in 1949, they substituted potato chips to french fries and also introduced milkshake.

In 1955, the McDonald brothers combined forces with Ray Kroc and opened the first McDonald franchise, altered it’s restaurant’s appearance giving birth to the color of McDonald’s shops and logosImage

In 1962, rearranging and reversing their former form of dining, opened their first inside seating restaurant in Denver Colorado.

Adapting to media changes, popularity of the television, McDonald’s made their first national TV commercial!

Catching up with the demand, McDonald’s opened its first international branch in Canada Puerto Rico, 1967.

1968, putting McDonald’s to other use, they …In 1968 they made  a major modification of their logo, eliminated the old restaurant model.They magnified McDonald’s by the addition of some characters like hamburglar, mayor McCheese, captain Crook and the Big Mac joining Ronald McDonald in 1971.  To maximize and earn more, they began to serve coffee and donuts in 1970 which eventually grew to a decent breakfast meal with the addition of egg mcmuffin in 1976.

Adapting to its environment in Fort Huachuca in Arizona where the soldiers weren’t allowed to get out of the car in fatigue uniform, McDonald’s started the drive-thru service. Once again solving the problem and changing/altering the rules of dining.

1979 was the birth of happy meal and its existence now had been modified over and over to suit the buyer’s need. Toys were incorporated and promoting some movies weren’t a bad combination for  profit.

Nowadays where people starting to be weight conscious which can be perceived as a problem for the McDonald’s products and potential loss of consumer, they added salad reversing the rule of fastfood.

We can go on reviewing what they did and how but the only constant thing they did is solve the problem…

“Twoall-beefpattieswithspecialsaucelettucecheesepicklesonionsonasesameseedbun….” Haha! I loved this jingle!!!

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Rice packaging

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I didn’t know that there are several forms of rice packaging until i browsed the web for an assignment. I was amazed by the assortment i found and made it even harder for me to think of a new form of packaging.

The class was asked to create or re-create rice packaging and learning the SCAMPER method, i tried to come up of something that is traditional, modern and functional not to mention recyclable.

Taking on the challenge:

Substitute: My research revealed that most packaging comes in the form of cartons, sacks and plastic. I thought of glass as it is recyclable but i don’t want to add the weight of the glass to the already heavy 1kg-5kg-50kg rice. So let’s substitute those material to plastic weave with sack cloth  lining. Let us substitute the modern form of rice packaging from the traditional sack packaging. Also the rules of disposing is substituted from throwing it to the garbage to re-using it or getting a discount for the next buy.

Combine: Combination of traditional design and practicality. The packaging makes it easier to store and dispense your rice.

Adapt: As many of us now use different diet methods and reduce rice consumption, the packing comes in 3 different forms and sizes. The packaging also promote the now and ever needed recycling method. Since it’s plastic weave, the packaging is just like your ordinary plastic/glass bottle wherein you can go back to the store where you bought it and get a discount when you buy your next rice.

Modify: Modification of the lock system enable it to be used for other purposes. The shape, materials and the method of disposing of the packaging are modified.

Put to other use: These packaging can be used as your pencil case or even store your cookie in it.  (for the 1kg package); Make the 5kg packaging your grocery bag and for the 50kg packaging,  use it for beddings and soft furnishing storage.

Eliminate: This will help us eliminate garbage and also the hardship of carrying you rice.

Reverse: Reversal…these packaging can be used as stand alone packs for other purposes.

The 1-kg pack is very handy, stylish and spill-free even if you accidentally dropped it or turned it up-side-down.

The 5-kg pack is also lined with sack cloth and if you remember the traditional sack wherein you’ll remove the thread that seals it? Same system here but easier 🙂 After removing the thread, the pack is equipped with zipper that will be used to seal in the rice. Spill-free once again.

The 50-kg pack works just like the tumbler but with wheels! Very back friendly!!!

The packaging will make you spend more on your rice than usual, initially but long term use….this will prove beneficial.  I wish i have more time to sketch and develop my idea….

SCAMPER in my life

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Recently, i made a decision, a big one – I enrolled myself to a fulltime online study course. I am working fulltime and this is my second week of the course. So far, i am managing but i am feeling the pressure of not having enough time to read (work and study related readings), not enough time with the people in my life. As part of my assignment, i am to choose a personal problem and use the SCAMPER method to somehow find a solution. I chose time management as it is the most pressing of all as of now.

HOw can i manage my time working and studying full time and continue living?

Substitute:  Reading related topics to work and study from Watching TV.

Combine: Studying and Recreation (audiobooks while biking or sitting under the sun;  Time with significant others and studying/work (discuss lectures and work related topics )

 Alter/adapt: Alter behavior towards time. ‘I have plenty of time rather than i lack time.’  

Modify:  Modify how i work, learn to delegate things and plan ahead. 

Put to another use:  Use  time to sleep and rest not only work and study. I work more effectively well-rested

Eliminate: Time wasters like unnecessary tasks, watching tv, long discussions.

Reverse/Rearrange:  Don’t hurry. Take my time doing things. Things done hurriedly and half-heartedly lack quality and have to be redone, most of the time.

I know things are easier said than done but taking time to sit down and think things thru always give good result.


I’ve been reading about the SCAMPER method which is one part of our assignment this week. I realized that somehow we apply this method in our everyday lives without even knowing it. Anyway, SCAMPER stands for:

S – substitute; C – combine; A – alter/adapt; M – modify (mega/mini); P – put to other use; E – eliminate; R – reverse

This is a method developed by Bob Eberle based on Alex Osborn, sets of questions for brainstorming. Scamper is being used by many as a tool to help generate ideas for new products and services by encouraging people to think about how one could improve existing ones.

Let us see if I can use it to transform a teaspoon into something else.

Substitute: Can I use the teaspoon as a substitute for something? I held it up and saw myself…can i put it in my wallet and use it as a mirror? why not? But what i would like to do is to substitute the metal handle into a malleable metal with rubber coating.

Combine: How do we do this then? I combined it with a magnet and voila! It became a note holder!!

Adapt/Alter: What to alter? I would like to somehow alter or adapt to a situation. I am sitting in a coffee shop answering a crossword puzzle, made a mistake and would like to change my answer…my teaspoon with its rubber end can be used as an eraser. (I think I can get away with this idea!)

Modify: So I am bored of my old teaspoon; how it behaves, just lying on the side of my saucer…so my new teaspoon with malleable and rubber handle can… refer to the figure below. (forgive my sketches)

Put to another use: My new teaspoon can also be used as a ponytail   Remember those rubber rods? 🙂 Just imagine it with the scoop/bowl part of the teaspoon at one end…that’s my teaspoon around your hair.

Eliminate:  old teaspoon = hard, metal : new teaspoon = rubbery, soft. So we eliminated the cold and hard part of the traditional teaspoon. While we are at it, let’s remove the bulkiness of the rubber and flatten it.

Reverse: Let’s forget that it is a teaspoon altogether and just use it as a napkin holder that is very much appropriate to use on top of a table.

That was it!! I hope I got away with it!!! I must admit that it’s an interesting concept! I hope you learned something ‘coz i did!!

Week2 has begun…

This week we got practical and research assignments. As I usually approach situations, I will start with the easiest of them. The puzzle and fun part!! So, we were given these situations wherein we have to find solutions to its problems. I have always been interested in these kind of trick questions which I always prefer than the questions asked by my english or history teacher. 🙂

Well, here are the situations:

  • A man is replacing a wheel on his car, when he accidentally drops the four nuts used to hold the wheel on the car. They fall into a deep drain, irretrievably lost. A passing girl offers him a solution that enables him to drive home. What is it?

Given:  A man with a car but no tire.

A woman with an idea

Problem: HOw can girl help man drive home?

Solutions: a) Girl has car and lets man drive. 

b) Girl is a car repairman/woman who drove by and has tools in her car.

c) Girl has mobile phone and called car repairshop. 🙂

d) The girl is his wife and after calling him stupid :), he lets him drive home.

  • Two Russians walk down a street in Moscow. One Russian is the father of the other Russian’s son. How are they related? Could it be that they are a couple and has a son?
  • What occurs once in June, once in July and twice in August? The letter U
  • Six drinking glasses stand in a row, with the first three full of water and the next three empty. By handling and moving only one glass at a time, how can you arrange the six glasses so that no full glass stands next to another full glass, and no empty glass stands next to another empty glass? What is the minimum number of moves to solve this puzzle? One move, just pour the second full glass to the second empty glass.

And there…so off to research now!