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Hmmm….I couldn’t concentrate on my logo making so i decided to do something else. Grabbed my camera, set it on a tripod and put together some materials i could put my hands on in the room. I chose a subject, light source and experiment with it. I played around with the shutter speed (i very seldom use program settings) and got some fun shots.

nothing interesting

Got some reflected lights, no idea how

Put down the blinds and spinned the chair

The shot was made using a 60mm macro lens at 6sec. f/13, self-timer; ISO100

Same setting; WB set to incandescent

same setting

As i was trying to put more light with my cellphone’s flashlight, the LED dropped.

an old film camera i bought cheaply at

i used my cellphone’s flashlight and drew the frame

For my portfolio due week12, if you’re following my blog, it is not allowed to use photoshop manipulation, just cropping. So i have a lot of practicing to do!!! aaahh…and i get to play again πŸ™‚



Fruit juice label done in Adobe Illustrator


Posted: September 6, 2012 in week3
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Had to begin with a smile…

Ok. What have I been up to? Today, I got my feedback for my first week’s assignment and the pastΒ  4 days been busy sketching my ideas for this week’s assignment which is a label for juice drink ‘Loose Juice.’ The finished label should be done in adobe illustrator which I am having a hard time getting used to. Watching the tutorial, I can say that I will be using this tool more and more.

I’ve been laughing at myself when I found out that it is not that simple to use illustrator for the first time. My sketches of the label are pure imagination, without taking consideration of how it would be executed…sketching is not my thing errr…I do sketch a lot but mostly sticks and circles. Nothing elaborated, nothing fancy. Anyhow, these are my sketches and still having ideas so nothing is final yet. I may have to simplify things so I can execute it well on illustrator.

Got my pencil and sketch pad, I wrote down all the things I can think of associated with the product name….Loose Juice!!! So I thought…’ released juice, ready to quench my thirst!!’Again, I am still finding my final design…haha! STill laughing at my sketches and having fun with the ideas coming out of my head. Wish me well!!


Ok! I am ready for my third week’s tasks! I will be learning Adobe Illustrator and i thought it would be nice to know the shortcut commands of the software.

I capture copy the keyboard shortcuts from illustrator using ‘greenshot’ and combined the images using photoshop, printed it, cut and pasted together so i have a long vertical page and then folded them fan-like. I look forward to using it until it’s unrecognizable and i will have to make a new one.

Here is the compressed image before printing….