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CD cover front and back. Had to move the band’s name since it’s not legible enough

The lyrics were just words i put together to demonstrate a song structure to see if ebrima typeface is good enough to be used for small fonts.
I maintained the OCR a std for the titles and the band’s name. Opacity was reduced for the band’s name to give way for the lyrics which is written in black font

My cd cover title ideas

sketch of my chosen theme


more sketches


I like this too. I thought of popping out my keyboard keys and take shots of it but i was running out of time 😦


more sketches

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AFter days of not feeling good, finally got to finish this assignment….

It’s quite informative and i got to know the structure of a type.

I enumerated some basic parts and tried to describe it:

1. x-height:  is the vertical space occupied by the stroke of letters in lowercase which is the height of an x hence x-height.  Starts from the baseline

2. counter:  The empty space inside the body stroke enclosed by a bowl; o, B, d, a  are letter which have counters

3. baseline: is self-explanatory

4. ascender: The stroke that exceeds the xheight is called the ascender. Letters d, Y, T, b all cross the x-height

5. ascender line: line where the ascender stroke ends.

6. serif: tapered corners on the end of main strokes. The absence of a serif is called sans serif

7. bowl : enclosure of a counter

8. descender line : where the descender stroke ends.

9. descender : The stroke that crosses the baseline downwards/below the baseline; g, j, y

10. spine : it is the central stroke of an S


I was attempting the blueprint effect.

CReated a 210mm x 210mm artboard, white background, filled with radial gradient (fading sky)


Mirrored my PC to my tablet using air display and wrote the numbers


…..After receiving this week’s assignments, I was:

a. excited

b. overwhelmed

c. afraid

d. all of the above

Well, it’s D of course. I have been trying to concentrate for the past 3days but couldn’t. The logo and photography projects, the readings and resources I should be reading and this week’s activities filled my head and constantly grew inside of it that I thought it would blow up my brains! I was seeing letters in my sleep!!!!  So instead of forcing myself, I took a break and concentrated on my job (real life job.)  Detached a bit from the forum and this afternoon after work, I decided it’s time. (really?)

So I chose two words from the list of words and they were (drum roll) COMPRESSION and MIGRATION

And my invented word would be OMI  = (noun) (read as spelled) a person without idea.

The word came to me when I was forcing myself to read related topics and couldn’t concentrate…so I said OH ME! Of the 3 words, I think I spent more time creating its composition than the other two. 🙂

My first word is compression and I decided to interpret it with its own words and combined it with visual representation of the word. The word PRESS pressing itself creating a compression of press’. Got it? 🙂

Migration was my first choice(of word) instantaneously I thought of national geographic as my inspiration. I love their series of animal migration  particularly the monarch butterflies and dolphin migration. In my head, I would like to arrange the words in figures of butterflies/dolphins and show some movement by size and number of frequency. I tried but it will take so much of my time but I do put my ideas on paper. I couldn’t execute it in Illustrator too. I tried using spiral path, simple paths and finally I settled with making symbol and brushing the word across the A4 area.

With all 3 words, I used simple typography and those of san serif since i would rather direct the reader to the entirety of the composition rather than the words design.


Since i made a mistake of distorting the font, pulled out my post yesterday and edited it. Somehow i have to move on to the other assignments…