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look how many yellow ink i used! The cartridge was new by the way.



used A4 artboard in illustrator to print this and it took 7 sheets. 2 of which were not filled up.
70 x 50 cm with 3mm bleed

There, there! Illustration project done and submitted!!! I can say I bled to dry doing this project. Not that the design is that complicated but somehow a lot of considerations were made. New things were learned! I finally got to print in tiles which i have been wanting to do for my photographs!! I printed it 3 times as there were mistakes in the first two copies…the third one where i finally realized what was wrong, my ink went dry!!! So you see? Several nights, i went to bed so late that I didn’t need to change clothes 🙂

Ok! Next one!!


Illustration project

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It is funny how i managed to use up my time and how fast time passed by. Tomorrow would be the deadline for illustration project and i am very unsure how i am doing. I spend all my free time (spent my autumn break too) studying and processing this project and some on the side. Anyway, I am here to learn. This blog is to get a peek as to what was/is in my mind doing this piece. Sketches below include those of my first choice of song. I think i should include it as I did spent much time on it and it did lead me to my chosen illustration.

The big part was the sketch of a yellow negative background, the red part and accent is on the other page. I burnt a whole to show it.

I think the song is really about love and sometimes love hurts

this was inspired by the bond of union by M.C. Escher


chosen  sketch and it is the part of the song ‘and you know, for you I’d bleed myself dry

I really like this  if the background is simpler and the accent red is paint blob

The sketches below were for the first song:

“Using a SRL camera, practicing the use of manual camera controls. In this second learning activity you are going experiment with shutter speed and a manual focus.

You are asked to visit an active environment (anything that moves), creating two series of photos:

Action 1: Use very fast shutter speeds to freeze movements.

Action 2: Using slow shutter speeds to create an illusion of movement (motion blur)

Tip: use a stand or another support for the camera to avoid an out of focus image.

You are required to use a manual focus on all of the photographs, and write down the camera settings for each shot.”

Sunday morning, I went out early to do this week’s assignment. I was lucky with the weather and I hope it continues until I can get some materials for my portfolio due November. Anyways, the autumn color is really making me fall in love with nature and make me forget about time. I took some pictures of the stream nearby for this assignment and also took something else…a type of insect I am not sure what it was. 🙂 (hjortelus?)


It was dark in the forrest so I had to use large aperture and increased ISO to freeze the water which was raging fast. Camera on tripod with polarizing filter (removed for the freezing action) manual focus and spot metering. No photoshop except for file sizing.

1/200 sec; f/4.5; ISO 1600 at 46mm

20.0 sec; f/20; ISO 100 at 38mm

1/20 sec; f/13; ISO 100 at 95mm


1/500 sec; f/5.6; ISO 640 at 130mm

“Using SRL camera, practicing the use of manual camera controls. In this first learning activity you are going to experiment with the aperture and manual focus. (In the next learning activity you´ll be setting manual shutter speed).

You are going to experiment with depth of field creating two series of photos:

  • Landscape (using large depth of field)
  • Close-ups (using shallow depth of field)

Seasonal images (summer, fall, winter, spring) should be the theme for these photo-series.
You are required to use manual focus on all of the photographs, and write down the camera settings for each shot.”

LANDSCAPE (use of large DoF) (used tripod, polarizing filter, auto WB and 18mm focal length) No photoshop editing except for file sizing. Please ignore the unintentional framing.

1/80 sec; f/5.6; ISO 100

1/15 sec; f/11; ISO 100

1/6 sec; f/18; ISO 100

1/4 sec; f/22; ISO 100


CLOSE UP: (handheld, used polarizing filter, auto WB) No photoshop editing except for file sizing. Aperture wasn’t changed, just the focal length.

1/40 sec; f/5.6; ISO 100 at 135mm

1/25 sec; f/5.6; ISO 100 at 200mm

1/50 sec; f/5.6; ISO 100 at 200mm

1/20 sec; f/5.6; ISO 100 at 75mm



Photography – Autumn

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After being dormant ( my photography skill) for quite sometime now, today, I went out with my 3-foot friend and ventured the area of Kongsvinger. I went up the fortress (Festningen), walked the bridge and trailed the riverside. The sky was dramatic with patches of clouds and with the sun hiding behind it most of the time. I took a lot of pictures, 540 to be exact and it would have been more if not for my battery which had been drained of life. The timing couldn’t been worse, it was about the time of the golden hour!! My 3-foot friend was ready, standing there just waiting for me to mount the camera. No one’s to blame of course but me because instead of waiting for the right moment, i chose to do some panning!! Anyway, I did get some good shots….



Both pictures were taken handheld at 25feet high (estimate) and my upper body hanging by the bridge railing 🙂


The colors weren’t touched by photoshop, it was the white balance which I played around using 10K kelvin, incandescent and fluorescent and of course the setting sun. I think 10K Kelvin was used in the last 3 images.

About the panning shots, as usual, 1 or 2 shots were acceptable…the others have too much noise as I needed to up my ISO to compensate for the lack of light and most of it were out of focus.

ISO400, f/8; 1/5 sec. at 70mm

Well, not bad for a comeback photoshoot and most of all…it was fun!








This week’s activities include photo analysis. We were given several photos to analyze and I chose this one. The photo below shows lines drawn by me in different colors to better explain my analysis. The black lines and the green dots represent the rule of third. The rule of third is a photography rule which is rule but not a law! Break them if you must they say 🙂

Rule of third is when you divide the whole image into 3 vertically and 3 horizontally making 9 squares or rectangles with 4 crossing points which in the rule of third means your focal points. Placing the subject in one of those points will be considered a good composition. The boy, which is the subject was placed in one of those points. The blue lines were drawn to emphasize the pattern of lines that for me helped the composition in a way that they are diagonal and non-static. The red circles showed the stone and the shoeless feet that may indicate that the subject was a victim of bullies. The paper on the ground, the lunch pack clearly suggest that the boy is a student. The yellow lines were intended to compare the size of the boy and the building and the perspective of the one taking the shot. It suggests that the photo was taken shooting upward making the building much bigger than the boy. The contrast of size helped to convey the message of helplessness of the subject. In my opinion, the photo was well-composed, the components clearly relay the message as intended. The cloud also helped in conveying the mood of the image.


The third photo was a cropped version of it which i thought would help in analyzing the composition. As we can see, the impact is not the same. The overwhelming factor was reduced!

And that’s how I interpret this image 🙂

The second part of the activity of photo analysis is choosing a topic and finding an image of it on the internet.

Choose one of the following themes:

  • Mass destruction
  • Power
  • Christmas
  • New life
  • Love

I chose love of course!

Don’t you just love the image? 🙂 Aside from the cute appearances of those two, looking at them will somehow evoke the feeling of love. As we all know, they are ‘cats and dogs’ in singular form. Apparently, they shouldn’t be so agreeable with one another but the image shows the opposite. This image of an old dog and a pussycat if this is not digitally manipulated suggests that they know each other; that they have learned to live in harmony inspite of their differences. Setting aside the contrast of their nature strongly conveys love. Tolerance, comfort and safety are attributes of love and that is what I see in this picture. A small pussy cat seeking the warmth and protection of an old dog, an old dog spreading its ear to give warmth and enclosing the pussycat with its front leg gives the message of protection. The warm white balance also is a factor, I guess.

Oblig03 – Illustration

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Today, week 6 assignments were handed in and obligatory 03 was included. The task is to make an illustration poster (no text should be used) of a self-chosen song. After reading the lectures, watching the videos and writing down the assignments for this week, I sat down and listened to my favorite music. I thought i have to decide now so I can listen to it everyday for 3weeks. I chose a song by the Linkin Park – Iridescent. So I browsed for some inspirational music videos. I found this to be my favorite so far:

I listened to many songs and was down to 4 choices; the other 3 were: Dig by Incubus, Fix you by Coldplay and Broken by Lifehouse.

I usually do the weekly activities before the graded ones but this time I am doing the reverse since I will be home for the whole week.  Hmmm…not saying I will stick to it, I do have a frog-like characteristic of leaping from one activity to another. So if you see me doing other activities that means I am stuck and need a break. 🙂

Before I forget, iridescent as an adjective meaning having various colors that change with movement and light.