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Today I dropped by my client’s restaurant and took some photos of the place and their products. I was lucky the sun was friendly although it was freezing cold. This was my first location shoot and it went well I guess. Lucky too that customers began coming in while I was there and I was able to take some photos of food that was served so nothing was wasted. Funny because I felt like I was shooting sports photos when it was actually food photography which is usually laid back 🙂 We were avoiding of course serving cold food that I needed to take shots in a flash. Well, it was fun and first time is always the worst so I hope the coming ones would be better.

As to my project, it is constantly evolving. The business card was approved by the client but the brochure was changed to a take-away menu. So I will be actually making them two types of menu list. I hope to make them brochure and more but I guess this would be after my deadline. Anyways, here are some shots from today’s work.


wDSC_0024      wDSC_0028wDSC_0099      wDSC_0056     wDSC_0187      wDSC_0073       wDSC_0105       wDSC_0202      wDSC_0178