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Amidst the chaos and tragedy that is happening in the Philippines, life must continue. So here is the next part of the dog food project I am working on…POS or point of sale. Since my dog food product is homemade and will not be found in your ordinary store, the POS will consist of brochures in pet shops, online ads and its own website and also vans/trucks.





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I will let this one sit for a while and let it cook. 🙂 Off to make some sketches for my menu. Some things planned don’t really go the way they should be!






GRAP – Menu – research

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For my practical exam., I have chosen a restaurant as my first (experimental) client. The first design I will be doing is their menu list which would be difficult since I will be beginning from scratch as they don’t have an existing one. They do have board menu list so that categorized things for me a bit. To be able to begin, I would be showing my client different styles of menu and also show them what the competitors have.

The images below show their major competitor’s menu/brochure with the company name and tel#s erased for privacy purposes.


Here are the types of menus: ( from

  1. Static Menu

    • Customers might get bored with a static menu.

      Is the most common type of menu. Disadvantage of this type would be as being static, customers tend to find it boring. These are usually laminated which can be easily cleaned and reuse but difficult to update when a dish is to be added or removed. With that, this type of menu changes and or updated not so often. Often used by fast-food restaurants, chains and diners and delis.

    À la carte Menu

    • More of a pricing system than a menu style, an à la carte menu is not defined by how long it remains the same but by how the customer orders. Main dishes are not grouped with side items under one price; rather, a guest orders a meat, a starch and a vegetable separately and pays for them separately. This is a way restaurants earn higher profits on inexpensive side items, such as potatoes. Truly versatile, an à la carte pricing scheme can be similar to a static menu if its items rarely change and can be found in many restaurants, from fast food to fine dining.

    Prix-Fixe Menu

    • A prix-fixe menu offers several courses (usually with choices) for one fixed price. These menus sometimes include amuse bouche, appetizer, salad, soup, intermezzo, seafood, meat and dessert courses. A prix-fixe menu can be expensive, but it also offers a lot of food. Found mostly at chef-driven, fine-dining restaurants, a prix-fixe menu changes frequently and usually focuses on seasonal ingredients. Sometimes listed as the “chef’s tasting menu” or the “degustation menu,” this type of menu is described as “showcasing the chef’s flair for combining flavors and textures” by John R. Walker in his book “The Restaurant: From Conception to Operation.”

    Du Jour Menu

    • “Du jour” translates to “of the day,” as in “soup du jour.” These menus change daily and are focused on seasonal ingredients, preparing the freshest food possible. While some restaurants offer only daily specials, every item on a du jour menu is a special. Often called chalkboard menus (because they’re sometimes written on one), du jour menus highlight fresh fish and seasonal vegetables and center on preparations in sync with the time of year. One of the drawbacks to chalkboard menus is that there is a limited supply window for certain ingredients and guests can’t come back for the same dish all year.

    Cycle Menu

    • A cycle menu is a set of dishes or menu items that is different for each day during a cycle and repeats. These menus are found in school cafeterias, hospitals and other institutional facilities. The goal is to avoid boredom while keeping the dishes easy to prepare. Cycles can run from one week to one month and beyond.

      With that…I am closing this article. Tomorrow would be a busy day as I need to drop by my client’s restaurant to get their menu list from the overhead menu board (take pictures I guess) and hopefully, I will get their logo file tomorrow so I can begin making my sketches.