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The assignment was to take pictures from a moving vehicle such as cars, bikes or motorcycles. I was in the Philippines when I did this assignment and as much as I wanted to use slow shutter, the topic of slow moving traffic was more appealing. I was supposed to present 3 pictures that would present my topic. Here are those: (also another part of the assignment was to edit them converting a picture to black and white, adjusting the contrast and correcting a high or low key photo)

tollhighkeyThe picture was taken in front of a toll gate while waiting for my turn to pay the toll fee of course. The high key nature of the photo was corrected to better define the toll gate which was still far from where my car was (picture below)

tollcorxn The photos were taken during my travel after visiting an aunt from the province. Since it was on a Sunday afternoon and almost everyone that went to vacation have the same frame of mind as I had, we jammed up in front of the toll gate. The photo has a high key quality that the sky was almost washed out. After correction (highlights and shadows, levels, and contrast) the sky showed more texture, the banner above the gate was more defined and the color came out better.

tollmansharpnd    tollmanbw

The two pictures right above are same pictures with one converted to black and white. The photo was chosen for black and white as the other two photos would less benefit from the conversion. This photo after the conversion still showed the essence of the photo. Edited using adobe photoshop, converted black and white, adjusted contrast, levels and curves.

traffic                  trafficcontrast

The photo was taken after passing the toll gate and entering the city. Although it was Sunday, the mall around the area created a big traffic too. The contrast of the original photo was not enough to show the jeep at the back of the side view mirror. Using adobe photoshop, the contrast was tweaked and levels were tweaked and applied unsharp mask to all the photos.


Still no photoshop allowed and still experimenting and having fun at it….here is my industry city!!! With exposure compensation of -1/-1.3, black and white mode, no filters except for the colored one, bulb and f/8-f/11. Used cellphone and tab for background. Camera on tripod and control triggered.

We have screws!!! Good night!!!






Free style has always been my favorite as it means…no style 🙂

Seriously, this theme I believe gives more room for experimentation and less ‘in a box’ feeling when shooting.

Friday after my doctor’s appointment, I went for a shooting session with a negative film and some P-filters. I was lucky to find a color negative film at home but i was looking for a black and white one but it was no where to be found. That day was an overcast day with snow all around and icy road (funny, today every snow has melted already!)  So my camera was set to manual mode on a tripod. I had to overexpose as the film and filters were dark (they still are by the way ehehe) and as the sky had no detail on it, I took advantage of exposure compensation (I used +1 to +2 maybe in some)

So as it is raining today…I will be shooting indoor (and make a mess of the house!!)

The previous blog showed images of the grid, margins and master pages. I used 7 columns and 8 rows. I opted to use black background as most of my photos have red on int and will look striking with black. That left me with using white fonts. The type used was Myriad Pro in varying sizes and styles to show hierarchy. The start of the paragraph is in bold and slightly large font in red to mirror my photos. The layout was meant to show various styles. Photos crossed over both spreads at times and sometimes occupied the whole page. I tried to group the images in a theme eventhough there was no understandable heading and topic (I do intend to change that so I can really print this one and have it as my souvenir.)  The text body was all lorem ipsum as this assignment only meant to show the dynamic use of typography and photography.
Preparation of the images was made in photoshop and was drag and paste from adobe bridge to indesign.
Photography by Melinda Mendez
This is how it should look like after printing.

Three weeks ago, I went out to shoot some night photos for my photography project. The project would have to be ‘as shot!’  No photoshop! Not to be purist photographers but to master the camera’s settings, that is why.
I put the settings and some descriptions as to how I took the shot. I am choosing night photography as one of my sure theme for this project.

Short description: The camera was always mounted on a tripod. I believe i removed my polarizing filter for more light. I don’t have remote control so I had to hold the shutter button the whole time (and my breathe) as I was using bulb. I can’t remember my white balance and I didn’t record it since I usually get it from the exif in photoshop but now I couldn’t find it anywhere.

This was the start of that session. I got so little light not only because of the shutter settings but also the site was under the bridge so the water had no reflection of lights.

I decided to climb up the bridge and tried some action shot of the cars passing by but decided that’s another session. The sky that night was dramatic so I went to find another spot.

On the other side of the bridge was the moon and this sky. I took two shots this one was the best of the two.

I went down from the bridge hoping to find a subject that will compliment the sky. The ruined bridge could have been a good focal point but it had no light. So i turned my back and faced the bridge.

Turning my back from the moon, I got this view and it was definitely better.

I was happy with this one, composition wise. Not so with the foreground but couldn’t do anything about that as there was no where to move…unless I stepped on the water. I wasn’t sure where that green light came from but probably the stop light at the end of the bridge.

This is the last shot i took before my battery died.