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Photo Essay 2

Posted: January 28, 2014 in photography
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I decided to do another photo essay which used a subject who’s totally a stranger. My previous subject was my son and unfortunately, it is not allowed.

I chose Aling (Mrs.) Susan who is a broom vendor in Cavite Philippines. She sells broom on the road just outside their compound gate. I usually drive by that road and buy a broom every time I visit my home in Cavite and along the road, several vendors like her can be found selling all sorts of crafts. It was my first time to approach a subject to be photographed, no, it was my first time to photograph and use a total stranger as a subject. I have approached others but due to skepticism, which I very well understand and also saddens me, I was turned down every time. Aling Susan had her reservations and doubts but agreed after I showed her my school ID and explained my purpose and what’s the project all about. Aside from the obvious reason that this is my project and to deepen my photography skills, I also wanted to know the story behind road vendors and share it to the world. I always wonder how they manage to get by financially selling their goods like brooms.

My project is a portraiture photo essay and this is Aling Susan’s portrait as a road vendor.