Color Effects – photos with correction

Posted: September 21, 2012 in Uncategorized, week5
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So Logo project is the thing of the past and according to the faculty, we will be having an exciting project this Monday. As if it isn’t already. Anyway, this week is still about colors, this time in photos. The activities are:

a) to create an Andy Warhol look: I used threshold and then used halftone dot pattern on a duplicate layer and changed blending mode to multiply. I selected the image and created colored background.Image

b) Apply a sepia look: Sepia action was used on this one and some tweaks.Image

c) split tone image:



d) and a free style one: i used black and white and levels….i think.


Now, it is time to look at book covers for the next assignment!! Ciao!


duplicated layers for selections and color, changed blending mode then used halftone – dot

split tone

duplicated layers made use of blending modes


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